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  • Automobile and railway truck scales of RW-15
Automobile and railway truck scales of RW-15
  • Automobile and railway truck scales of RW-15

Automobile and railway truck scales of RW-15

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Country of manufacture:Korea

Figurative podkladny automobile scales of the RW-15 type are intended for poosny weighing of the road transport. Can be used for weight control of load of the axis, commercial accounting of different materials, control of movement of transport through check point zones.

Wearproof platform from cast aluminum, bevels from tough rubber and sensors from stainless steel are capable to sustain any car that allows to operate scales in the most severe conditions. The mass of the car is determined by load of each wheel with the subsequent summing.

The set of scales is established on the prepared site in 30 min. Thanks to small weight, scales can be established without use of load-lifting devices by one person.

The set from two weight platforms is applied to on-axis weighing. When weighing it is necessary to make consecutive installation of each axis of the vehicle on weight platforms. For increase of accuracy of weighing it is recommended to use the optsiolnalny set of passive platforms.

Features of the design

  • Consolidation to 6 platforms in one system
  • Class of protection of the IP 54 indicator
  • Class of protection of GPU IP 65
  • Additional protection of cable input
  • The easily readable liquid crystal display with illumination
  • The built-in chekopechatayushchy printer with function of determination of total weight of the car
  • The food from the network via the adapter or from the built-in accumulator

Standard set of delivery

  • The weight RW platform - 2 pieces.
  • The weight RW-2601 indicator - 1 piece.
  • Entrance ramps - 4 pieces.
  • Set of cables - 2×10 m.

Dostoinstvavesova RW-2601 indicator:
• connection to 6 independent GPU
• autonomous food
• built-in thermal printer and RS-232

Weight RW-2601 platform
• low-profile design
• protection of cable input
• IP-65

Set of passive platforms
• weighing accuracy is high
• tough strong rubber
• openings for fastening to the basis
Fotogalereyaopts and • radio-frequency identification
• the extended cable (to 50 m)
• contact with the PC or the portable board on the radio channel
• additional weight platforms (to 4 pieces)
• software (statics)
• set of passive platforms
Technical characteristics

Model RW-10 (15)-2 RW-10 (15)-4 RW-10 (15)-6
The greatest limit of weighing, t 2×10(15) 4×10(15) 4×10(15)
Discretization of counting, kg 5 (10) 10 (20) 20 (50)
Price of testing division and discretization of counting, kg 10 (20) 20 (50) 50 (100)
Max. selection of tare mass, kg 10 (15) t
Accuracy class Average III
Tare mass, kg, no more 10 t
Form of the surface and size of the platform, mm 900×500×39
Food From the network: 210 ~ 240B, 49 ~ 51 Hz
From the battery: 12B
Range of working temperatures, °C - 30 ~ +40 for GPU,-10 ~ +40 for the weight indicator
Display type Liquid crystal
Country of manufacture:Korea
Measurement range: 15-30 Ton
Class of accuracy:Average
Information is up-to-date: 07.02.2018

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